Altona are a four piece melodic hardcore band from Perth, Western Australia. With emotionally charged vocals, backed with fast paced riffs and intensely tight drumming, Altona are shaping up to be a heavy hitter in the Australian music scene.

Working with a variety of local and international creatives, Altona are prepared to work hard and demand attention.



Altona's debut album, '...And This Is Why We Are Alone', is a fast paced introspective look into our lives and past experiences. Recorded and produced by Matthew Templeman over 3 years, every bit of care was taken in perfecting these 10 tracks. With collaboration from international and local musicians, '...And This Is Why We Are Alone' is a product of passionate and driven individuals, not willing to take shortcuts and compromise quality. Melodic hardcore being the driving soul within most of the songs, there is no shortage of other genres being explored. With acoustic ballads to rock and punk driven tracks, this is an album showcasing only the tip of the iceberg of what Altona are capable of.




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